Kalahari now ready to Takealot

Kalahari now ready to Takealot

Over the past few months a major brand merger has been undertaken by two of South Africa’s largest online e-tailers. Kalahari and Takealot are posed to join forces in what many have deemed to be the birth of e-tail 2.0 in South Africa. The brands leaders have decided to go with Takealot as the brand name going forward. For many this was met with sadness with the understanding that South Africa’s first major online retailer would be no longer.

Brand mergers are often messy, high powered and sadly damaging times for brands. However, when carried out with the best intentions of the brand, they can often act as spring board to help launch a brand into the future.

The Kalahari and Takealot merger has been handle in a professional and brand sensitive manner. All stakeholders have been constantly kept in the loop in terms of the reasons behind the move and the possible significance for each of them. The continued coverage of the merger by the media has shed light on the strategic thinking behind the merger, thus helping to instill a sense of trust in the new collective management of the Takealot brand going forward.

As the merger continues to play out, the Takealot brand has the opportunity to scavenge parts of the Kalahari brand. Most notably, Kalahari was seen as a brand with a significant heritage in the eyes of the e-tail community in South Africa. Early adopters of online shopping had their first significant positive experiences with the Kalahari brand. Takealot could make use of Kalahari’s heritage and combine it with their own modern efficiency to produce a brand that stakeholders value for being both modern and efficient and for having a strong heritage in the South African e-tail space.

The merger of these two large brands is definitely a story to watch over the coming weeks.




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