Tips for Creating a start-up brand.

Tips for Creating a start-up brand.

Branding a start-up can often be a challenging and confusing time for an entrepreneur. They have a fantastic idea backed up by a strong business model. Financial backing has been established and there is favourable interest from the market. However, the start-up is unsure on how to create a brand that will distil the essence of what their business does and why it matters.


If you are in this position, here are some important areas to focus on.



Finding out why you matter.

It is vital to know why your business will matter to all your stakeholders. If you do not have a human centred reason for existing it is incredibly difficult to find a position in the market that has not already been flooded.


Know Your Stakeholders
Your brand identity should be based upon the concerns, needs, preferences, and lifestyle of all your stakeholders. This means that you should create a brand that not only focuses on customers but also focuses on internal staff, suppliers and competitors.  Through doing this you will begin to grow a brand ecosystem that each stakeholder will buy into, creating a strong holistic brand presence.


Understand your brand’s positioning: A brand cannot be all things to all people. You need to understand where your brands exists within an increasingly chaotic and cluttered environment. Again, understanding why you matter is a great starting point in the journey to finding a strong positioning.



Create two way relationships

Branding has changed considerably with the advent of social technologies. Brand can no longer repetitively feed audiences information. The way in which audiences relate to brands has changed due to social media. Brands need to create human relationships with their clients. You need to choose relevant social channels to communicate with your audiences. This could be Facebook or Twitter but LinkedIn can also serve an important purpose in a more B2B space.


Be Fluid

It is important to remember that a start-up brand is by its essence an evolving creature. Creating a highly rigid brand early on can constrict creative and business development. Start by creating a core brand identity (often referred to as an essence) that will guide all brand development. These should be values that all stakeholders who are involved in the company can buy into and grow as the business develops.



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