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The Brand Consultant is the brainchild of James Shier, a highly driven strategic creative. Together with a number of skilled individuals the Brand Consultant offers holistic brand advice and implementation.


The Brand Consultant offers an alternative brand centered approach to the fundamental way in which businesses communicate with their stakeholders. The Brand Consultant focuses on creating and nurturing brands that understand who they are and why they matter.


The Brand Consultant matters because it offers a fresh, brand centered alternative to the traditional agency model.


Brand Strategy

We support the development and continued health of brands through strategic brand consulting. From early brand identity formation to in-depth brand management and positioning, we offer a holistic strategic approach.

Digital Branding

We help brands to find and maintain a digital presence through a variety of platforms. We offer social media management, website development and management and online content marketing.

Brand Visualization

We help bring brands to life through strategic corporate identity design. We work with highly skilled designers to create and recreate visual representations of your brand.


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